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After 28 years, I'm moving on.

I started every aspect of lacrosse in Nutley. If you hear someone else saying it was them, they're lying. It was the first thing I did after I moved into town.

Parks and Rec gave me basically carte blanche for 28 years and there was never a serious problem, nor a serious injury. I have a clean slate. I may have hurt some feelings, but I wasn't there to make friends. I was completely objective.

Again, if you hear otherwise, they're lying. I've also never been I ejected from anything I've ever coached.

Eighteen years ago, I was asked to be the very first Nutley High School Varsity Coach - after 10 years of running Rec and going to every single school board meeting for 10 years, trying to get a high school team. I got thousands of names on a petition. I spoke; all about the sport, on how we could come up with the funds, the long term benefits of the sport and how the sport would make Nutley a better town.

Throughout the years of running Rec, I'd also been offered several high school head coaching jobs. It wasn't financially feasible. St. Peter's Prep was but one. I've been offered several college positions as well. County College of Morris was the most recent, and I'm talking to another one now. My state in life has changed.

Over this past summer, several Board of Ed members approached me and asked if I would like to coach the High School. I said yes. Unfortunately, I wasn't recommended by the person who made the decision. I knew that going in. I'd had several run ins over the years with him because of his blatant arrogance, ineptness and him not being a "lacrosse guy" and some other politics, favoritism, backstabbing and lies.

I wish you all the best. It was a great run. I sincerely hope it continues to be one of the best programs Parks and Rec has ever had.

This website belongs to me. It always has. I shared it.
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Former Division 1 Player, involved in the sport for 50+ years and knows and played every position; Youth Coach, High School and College offered Coach, Youth Program Director, Youth Program Facilitator, Youth Program Administrator,  AVAILABLE for individual or group Instruction, or consulting on starting a Recreation/Youth Program, or getting a high school program for your town.
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