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Coach Roger Cirminiello

Cancellation of a practice or game due to adverse weather is at the discretion of the team coaches and the township. 

Practice is automatically cancelled in the event of lightning or severe weather warnings from the National Weather Service. 

Occasionally, practices or games are cut short due to inclement weather.  In these instances, a coach will remain at the field until all the players have been picked up.
Cancellations will be posted on the website shortly after a decision is made.  You may also be notified of a cancellation via email or a phone call. 

Some things to keep in mind....

Lacrosse is a game that is played in the rain and on wet fields, so rain alone may not be enough to cancel a practice or game.  We don't play if there is snow on the field.

Coaches do their best to make appropriate decisions regarding weather cancellations, but occasionally mistakes are made (e.g., a game/practice may be cancelled that could have been played and vice versa).  We appreciate your flexibility and understanding in these situations. 

Lacrosse is played on very cold days in March and very hot days in May and June, so please make sure your children are properly clothed for practices and games.

Hydration is very, very important.  Please make sure your children bring plenty of water to all games and practices -- particularly on hot days. 

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5th Grade
Coach Andrew French

Contact Coach Cory with any questions
973 752 6599 cell
We play in the rain

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